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Securing Backup Offers

Once you have an accepted offer, best practices is to make sure you have a backup offer also.  Listen to Cynthia’s experience of making sure her sellers are fully protected.

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Simple Offer Spreadsheet For Realtors

This market is seeing multiple offers on homes, and we have perfected a system that makes it easy to see all of our seller’s options when reviewing their offers.  Watch this tip for how to make the offer process stress-free and clear for sellers to ensure they are protected, cared for, and get the results… Read More

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Door of Hope Friendraiser

In April I hosted my Spring Friendraiser in support of Friends In Deed. Pasadena professionals came to network and build relationships while also learning about Friends In Deed. Take a look at this video to see what you missed!

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Referral Directory

On a daily basis, perhaps both personally and professionally, you might find yourself in need of a vendor that you can trust, which is why we have compiled a directory including only the best in their industries.  Let us know if you need a copy.

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Tornado Market

Have you heard of a tornado market? Some have compared our current real estate market with the unpredictability of a tornado. This means there may be no apparent reason why some homes garner immediate attention and others that may be similar in price or proximity languish on the market.  Watch this video to see what… Read More

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