How A 2-1 Mortgage Buydown Works

As of November 2022, interest rates are hovering around 6.8% in the United States. That’s up from just above 3.2% in January 2022. While the Federal Reserve is working on cooling inflation, the housing market is working hard to adjust to rates and still provide the American dream of home ownership. If you’re in the… Read More

We’re Growing! Weekend Administrative Assistant

Goal: Support the team by ensuring that our clients receive gold standard care. We are looking for someone who can support our team over the weekends by ensuring that our clients are responded to promptly. The primary focus of this position will be to handle communication (email and telephone) with our clients (and new clients)… Read More

My 8 Selling Strategies For A Shifting Market

This year is shaping up to be unlike any other that we have seen in real estate. In 8 months we have gone from low interest rates, low inventory, soaring prices and multiple offers to rising interest rates, increased inventory, price reductions, and increased days on market.  A shifting market can cause uneasiness with both… Read More

Featured Pasadena Neighborhoods

Whether you’re looking to maintain proximity to Los Angeles and a similar vibe without the hassle or you’re considering a bigger relocation, Pasadena is well worth exploring. Comfortably established at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Pasadena boasts luxury homes and suburban ease with no shortage of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.  Why Pasadena?… Read More

What Is An Escalation Clause

It’s not uncommon for sellers to receive more than one offer in a soaring real estate market. Therefore, depending on the type of real estate market you’re buying a home in, an escalation clause in real estate may be necessary for getting the home of your dreams. Just ask anyone who has been trying to… Read More

We’re Growing! Looking For An Executive Assistant

Goal: Support the team by ensuring that our clients receive gold standard care. Do you get excited about helping people? Do you make a great first impression on those you meet? Are you a great multitasker? Then we want to learn more about you! If you’ve been thinking about making a career move and getting… Read More

How The Future Of Home Price Appreciation Affects Sellers

Historically, home appreciation has always been a factor in purchasing a home. Home appreciation remains consistently high in today’s market, providing sellers with an advantage. Appreciation remaining high is the best news for sellers as they’re often able to capitalize on the home’s increased equity. However, timing is everything.  Selling your home at peak equity… Read More

Thinking About Downsizing Your Home? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Home needs change based on stages of life. There’s no way around it. During a period of time when community, school districts, and enough bathrooms for teenagers are important problems homeowners face at one point in time may quickly become problems of the past when you’re an empty nester.  If you’re ready to take the… Read More

What Is The California Flip Tax Bill

California Assembly Bill 1771, also known as the California Flip Tax Bill, has garnered a lot of attention from home flippers. As the name suggests, AB 1771 would add a 25% capital gains tax on nearly every home that was bought and sold within three years of purchase. If passed, the law would take effect… Read More

What’s In Store For Southern California’s Spring Market?

So many people have questions about the real estate market in general right now, but more specifically about the spring market. Historically, this has been a very busy time for both buyers and sellers. One thing remains the same: demand continues to outpace inventory. But in the wake of Covid, and with so many other… Read More

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