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Tornado Market

Have you heard of a tornado market? Some have compared our current real estate market with the unpredictability of a tornado. This means there may be no apparent reason why some homes garner immediate attention and others that may be similar in price or proximity languish on the market.  Watch this video to see what… Read More

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3 Suggestions for Buyers & Sellers

Are you wondering what the heck is going on in the real estate market? Watch this video for Cynthia’s top 3 suggestions if you are thinking about buying or selling in the next couple of months.

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Delight Your Clients

Are you wondering how you can delight your clients?  Watch this video for tips from Cynthia.

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Jeff’s Testimonial

This is a special testimonial from someone who Cynthia has known and worked with for years.  List to Jeff to hear what type of professional Cynthia is.

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Home Buying Tips

Are you wondering how to get your offer accepted in this ever-changing real estate market?  Cynthia has some helpful tips for you.

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January Market Update

How is the market doing? Listen to what Cynthia has to say about where the current market is.

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