Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

I’ve worked in real estate for over 20 years, and for many of them, the industry was male-dominated. It makes me so happy to see that the real estate industry is now more equally represented from a gender perspective. In fact, did you know that 70% of sales agents are females? According to NAR, “ women receive 61% of broker licenses (a more advanced level of certification that permits holders to own a real estate firm).” 

I was thrilled when I read this statistic, and it got me thinking about women-owned businesses and how we can support them. Supporting women-owned companies can significantly impact communities from an economic and empowerment standpoint. In the U.S. alone, there were an estimated 13 million women-owned businesses as of 2019, and these businesses generated approximately $1.9 trillion in revenue. Isn’t that amazing?

Regarding real estate specifically, many women decide to branch out on their own and become business owners or brokers because it offers them the chance for advancement that may not otherwise be possible. Real estate has long been a male-dominated industry, but I am so glad to see other strong and powerful women like me carving out a path for themselves.

When I think about shopping or commerce, I like to research my options. And as time goes on, I find myself looking for ways to support women-owned businesses. After all, I’m one of them, so I know the challenges they face, which includes standing out from the competition. Of course, purchasing items like retail items, food or wellness, and beauty services are great ways to support these businesses, but we can all be doing more. Here are some ideas!

Make An Investment in a Woman-Owned Company

If you’re financially fortunate and are looking for investment opportunities, why not invest in a woman-owned company? This is such a great way to pay it forward! As we all know, getting a business off the ground takes so much financial capital, so your contribution could make a world of difference to someone just starting.

Donate Your Time or Expertise

If making a financial contribution is not an option at this time, consider donating your time or expertise to a woman-owned business. Offering free consulting services about how you got started, or even more specialized advice about things like marketing, budgeting, employee management, and so forth would be gifts well worth giving to a new business owner. There is nothing quite like mentorship, and you can do this by helping to promote women in the workforce.

Create a Women-Owned Referral Network

Women helping women is such a beautiful thing, and creating a referral network of women-owned businesses that you can share with your friends, family, and community is a great way to get involved. Take every opportunity you can to promote other women-owned businesses in your area. Social media is an excellent platform for this kind of engagement, and it won’t cost you anything but your time. Write reviews about quality service of products you have received, and don’t forget about word-of-mouth referrals when it comes up in conversation.

I’m a local real estate professional who has decades of experience in the Pasadena area. I am available to assist you in buying or selling a home, so please contact me if you would like to schedule a time to discuss you.