Should You DIY or Hire a Pro For Home Improvement Projects?

Dreaming about home improvement projects can be a lot of fun, especially with the long list of home and garden TV shows that are dedicated to this very thing. Professionals can make DIY projects look simple, though, and for many homeowners, they can quickly find themselves in over their heads.

If you have a home improvement project on your mind and you’re wondering if you should DIY or hire a pro, read on for some helpful tips and information!

You Can DIY When:

  1. The Project Is Relatively Simple: If you’re working through a simple project like changing a paint color or swapping out a light fixture, doing it yourself can save you a lot of money! Just be sure you understand what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you get in over your head.

  2. You Have Ample Time: How much free time are you willing to dedicate to your project? Ask yourself and be honest! If you’re willing to take your time to complete your project correctly, go for it.

  3. You’ve Done Your Research: DIY projects require research. Depending on your project, this can be quick or more involved. If you’re willing to watch tutorial videos online, inquire with store associates about different products and your ideas, etc., you sound like a good candidate for a DIY project!

You Should Hire a Pro When:

  1. You Don’t Have the Right Tools or Skills: Tools can be very expensive, so it doesn’t make much sense to invest in ones you will only use once. If you lack the correct and quality tools to get the job done, consider turning to a skilled pro who already has them on hand.

  2. Your Project Might Require a Permit: Bigger home improvement projects could require a permit, and knowing the local rules and regulations can keep you out of trouble. Working with a licensed contractor can be a considerable asset when permits are involved, as they will be much more familiar with what is needed.

  3. There Is a Risk of Damage: Some projects need the expert touch of a professional. These include plumbing or electrical work that could pose a risk of damage to you or your home. If you’re worried about damage or danger at all, pick up the phone and call someone to help you.

If you’re considering the DIY route to save money, which many people do, there are some things to keep in mind. First up, set a budget! Have this in place before you start, and you’ll be less likely to overspend on your project. And if time is on your side, consider putting your project on hold until a big annual sale is happening. This can be especially helpful if your project includes appliances or other big-ticket materials.

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