Spring Home Maintenance Tips

It’s hard to believe that spring is already upon us! With extra time being spent at home right now, I thought it would be helpful to put together some ideas to assist you with preparing your home for summer (safely). Consider this a starter checklist for future projects or if you find any urgent issues that need addressed immediately, contact a professional. Should you need any recommendations or assistance, please reach out to me. 

  1. Clean Gutters and Downspouts: Gutters and downspouts can easily get clogged with leaves and other debris, causing the wood trim around your eaves to rot. Remember, April showers! More rain may be on the way this spring, and it’s vital that you clean your gutters and downspouts to give all of that water somewhere to go. Make sure water can run freely through them, and that it is diverted away from your house.
  2. Reseal Exterior Wood: Warmer weather means you will want to spend time on your outdoor deck! Now is a great time to reseal all exterior wood to make sure it’s in top working order. This includes any decks, pergolas, trellises, fences, and railings. Resealing will help all of these wood structures last for many years to come.
  3. Inspect for Termite Damage: Termites…yuck! Spring is the prime season for these winged insects to make their presence known in the form of wood damage. You generally see them beginning in March through May or June. Be on the lookout for a swarm flying out of a hole in your woodwork. This can signal a problem, and you should call out a pest control company right away.
  4. Check On Your Roof: Spring is a great time to inspect your roof visually for any winter damage. You can do this without a ladder by grabbing a pair of binoculars or zooming in with your smartphone to see if any shingles or tiles are missing. If anything looks amiss, give a quick call to a roofing company for assistance.
  5. Check On Your Driveway: Take a moment to check on your driveway to see if there are cracks or damage that need your attention. This also goes for any concrete paths or hardscaping around your home. Jot down notes and share them with a maintenance specialist who can best advise you on a course of action.
  6. Look at Your Irrigation System: Irrigation systems and sprinklers are sometimes given a break during the winter months. So, now is a great time to inspect them and make sure they are working correctly. This can also help save both water, plants, and money! Run your system manually through all of the zones as you walk around your home. Look for broken or damaged sprinkler heads and adjust any that may be spraying your home or windows. You can always call in a professional landscaping company if you need assistance.
  7. Check Your Screens/Windows: As the weather turns warmer, you will undoubtedly want to open up your windows. So, make sure they are in good working order and that your screens are free from any rips or tears. Home improvement stores carry screen repair kits that may be useful versus replacing a screen entirely.
  8. Service Your HVAC Unit: We live in Southern California, and we know just how warm it can get early on in the spring. Now is a great time to service your HVAC unit to ensure it’s working correctly when the mercury rises! Be sure to change out your filters each season, which can help your unit work more efficiently. And consider hiring a professional to come out and service your unit before summer hits. 

I’m a local CA licensed real estate broker with decades of experience in the Pasadena area. If you are looking to purchase or sell a home in the area, I do hope that you will contact me for assistance! I would love to speak with you.