What Happens If You Choose The Wrong Realtor?

Buying a home is a significant investment, and selling your home is a very personal choice that can be charged with emotion. A large part of the buying or selling process is choosing a REALTOR® who will be by your side from start to finish. 

We’ve all been there, though: you think you have all of the facts and are making the right decision when it comes to soliciting help, only to discover that perhaps you made an incorrect choice after all. Today, I want to talk about what can happen if you choose the wrong REALTOR® along with some warning signs to look out for. 

Lacking Attention To Detail

There is a lot of paperwork when it comes to a real estate transaction! Your real estate agent should sit down with you and thoroughly explain all listing documents and seller disclosures with you at the time you are signing the listing agreement. If the agent doesn’t take the time to finish the seller disclosures, run title, complete the city inspection, and many other items, issues can crop up in the middle of escrow that could’ve been avoided in advance. This business is details details details.


Unavailability creates an unprofessional environment. In a virtual world and the current state of conducting real estate in California, the need for agent’s availability has quadrupled. Without proper support to manage all the ways of communication, it opens you up to bad customer service and disorganization.

If you are having a hard time getting in touch with your real estate agent, I would consider this a red flag.

Inaccurate Pricing

Accurate pricing protects you and will help maximize your results in the end. A skilled real estate agent will know your home’s market value and help you price it accordingly to get it sold as quickly as possible. Inaccurate pricing won’t attract the largest buyer pool and ultimately won’t have the traffic that you will possibly need, which can can result in your property staying on the market longer and buyers will wonder what’s wrong with it. You may also miss the opportunity to receive more than one offer.

Lack of Marketing Know-How

How has your Realtor pivoted in this new environment? What other things are they doing? There are no broker caravans and no open houses. Are they ensuring all the agents in your area know about your home? How proactive are they reaching out to agents and buyers?

In today’s real estate market, marketing know-how is one of the most crucial components of the process. This includes tapping into social media like Instagram and Facebook to help create a buzz around homes for sale and keep their finger on the pulse of what’s available for potential buyers. Look for someone who has a proactive plan for you, whether you’re buying or selling.

Poor Negotiation Skills

Poor negotiation skills are a result of lack of experience. Negotiation skills are some of the most important for a successful real estate agent when buying or selling. Your agent should communicate clearly and effectively regarding your wants and needs, while also accurately representing you throughout the transaction. Be sure to ask them for an overview of their track record and resume. They should be knowledgeable about the local market, dedicated to their clients, and reputable.

You have to be selling a considerable amount of homes to understand the exact current environment to negotiate. If your real estate agent has demonstrated that they are a poor negotiator, they probably are not right for the job.

They are Unprofessional

This is a business and your agent has to treat it that way. A lack of systems and processes as well as poor communication shows they are unprofessional. You can also learn a lot about someone by how they treat everybody. From preferred partners and vendors to other agents, how they conduct themselves is a direct reflection on their level of professionalism. If your agent is not friendly, communicative, on-time, or lacks professional tools, it is likely they will not meet your expectations.

Are you buying or selling in the Pasadena area? I’m a local real estate agent with decades of experience in the local market. I have helped countless buyers and sellers, and I would love to discuss your unique objectives. Give me a call if you would like to chat. 626.714.6808. Stay healthy and safe!