I Can Provide Out Of Area Real Estate Referrals

My thoughts are with our country during this time of incredible crisis. COVID-19 has proven that we never know what tomorrow holds, but it has also shown the amazing side of humanity. People helping people.

While we are all social distancing and spending more time in our homes, I wanted to let you know that I can provide out of area real estate referrals should you need them.

I am part of the Los Angeles Referral Network, which allows me to assist clients in other counties around California on a more micro level.

Here’s a little more about this referral network.

  • We are a collection of top Realtors® in the Los Angeles area (including Orange County and Santa Barbara).

  • We all run top real estate teams in our respective parts of LA and consistently share best practices and ideas with each other.

  • We deal with a smart, professional and sophisticated client base.

  • We all have a component of giving back in our businesses and believe you can do well by doing good!

Why should you start your LA home search with us?

  • Los Angeles is a huge metro and NO one Realtor has intimate knowledge of the entire city.

  • We match each client with a Realtor® who specializes in that area.

  • Not sure where to live? We will set up multiple appointments with different Realtors® allowing you to explore different parts of Los Angeles with a true, local expert in each area.

  • Each one of us has been extensively vetted prior to joining this referral network saving you time on finding a great LA Realtor®!

So, if you know someone who may be relocating or is interested in purchasing a home, I can put them in touch with trusted agents in the area where they are searching. These are agents who have the same values and interests that I do and take a tremendous amount of pride in helping their clients.

Additionally, I am part of a nationwide real estate referral program, which means that I can refer qualified agents to my clients who may need assistance buying or selling anywhere in the country.

If I can be of assistance to you in any way, here in the Pasadena area or afar, please reach out to me. I work with my clients on a variety of real estate needs, I would love to hear from you!