How I Practice Self Care

We have all been facing new realities of staying home, unable to maintain our daily routines that we’re used to and this includes time in the gym, the nail salon, getting massages, happy hours with friends, etc.

I’ve learned to adapt to almost any situation and self care is no different. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can be doing to keep your mental health in check and also have some social contact (safely).

Here are a few things that I am doing right now to practice self care and keep my spirits up.

Cooking: Take some extra time to try new flavors and recipes. You may just stumble upon a new favorite!

Meditation and Yoga: These two practices are so incredible for your mind and body. Focusing your attention to calm the mind can aid in de-stressing.

Journaling: Put your thoughts down on paper. Set intentions for each day, document this unprecedented time, write out your problems and follow them up with solutions.

Working Out: Move your body every day. Swim, cycle, walk, run. Whatever you prefer, just get your blood moving. This is so great for mental health!

Head to the beach or a remote place for the afternoon: Much like quiet time on the mat for yoga, heading to a peaceful setting to breathe in the air and take in nature is one of my favorite things to do. Plus it gets you out of the house!

Watch the sunrise with coffee and a friend: Early bird catches the sunrise! This is something I’m trying to do more of. Grab a cup of joe and a friend and start your day with conversation and nature.

Read uplifting material: Consuming much of the news right now can be, well, depressing. Pick up a new motivational book to uplift your spirits!

Music: Subscribe to YouTube music. They offer high quality streaming, a wide array of genres, and you can create your own playlists. Music is one of the best forms of medicine!

What are your favorite self care practices you’ve implemented during COVID? I would love to hear ideas.

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