Appliance Efficiency & Rebates In Pasadena

Appliances are the workhorses of our homes. Thankfully, manufacturers continue to innovate in these categories, turning out energy- and water-efficient appliances that can help you live a greener life while also saving you money.

Did you know that the Pasadena Department of Water and Power (PWP) offers certain rebates on appliances and fixtures that meet energy-efficiency guidelines? Rebates are currently available for EnergyStar products, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines, in addition to new toilets. Read on for additional information about available rebates and how to qualify, especially if you’re in the market for any replacements!

If your fridge is more than four years old, it could be costing you money! New refrigerators are at least 25% more efficient than older models. If you purchase and install a new, high-efficiency EnergyStar refrigerator, you can receive a $75 rebate plus an additional $15 back if you purchase your appliance in the City of Pasadena. Keep in mind, your new fridge must be ten cubic feet or larger.

Older dishwashers use a lot of water, but newer models use up to 30% less! And when you purchase a new energy-efficient dishwasher, you can receive a $25 rebate, plus an additional $5 back if you purchase the dishwasher in Pasadena.

Keep in mind, your new dishwasher must be EnergyStar-certified or CEE Tier 1, -2, or -3.
Qualification Information for Refrigerators & Dishwashers:

  • To qualify for the rebate, you can submit your rebate application online with a copy of your detailed receipt/invoice and the required supporting documents.
  • Rebates need to be applied for within 180 days of purchase and installation. You can do this right from your PWP account!

Washing Machines
Washing machines can be a significant drain on your wallet both from an energy and water perspective. But high-efficiency machines can cut down your energy usage by approximately 25% while using nearly 40% less water. If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, you can receive a $300 rebate from SoCal Water$mart and PWP when you purchase a qualifying, high-efficiency clothes washer. For a list of qualifying models and to apply for this rebate, visit
Keep in mind, your new washing machine must meet or exceed the CEE Tier 1 standard and have a Water Factor of 3.7 or less.

Toilet Rebate
Older toilets are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to water waste in homes. Did you know that approximately 30% of water usage in a home goes towards flushing a toilet? When you install a premium, high-efficiency toilet, you can receive up to a $100 rebate from PWP. Keep in mind, only toilets included on the SoCal Watersmart website are included (those that use 1.1 gallons per flush (gpf) or less), and only PWP customers are eligible as well. For a list of qualifying products, please visit

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